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Footpath Accidents*

Outside of the home, a footpath accident is one of the most common ways of sustaining an injury and, at a time when government resources for making repairs to damaged footpaths are stretched, footpath accidents are becoming more common and leading to a growth in the number of footpath accident compensation claims.

A report published by the Health Research Board showed that the most common injury suffered in a footpath accident was a broken limb – which not only frequently occurred on a perceptively level surface, but also resulted in the longest stays in hospital amongst the “unintentional injury” category. Consequently, people suffering from a footpath accident experience longer periods away from work and their families.

Making a Footpath Accident Compensation Claim

In many cases, victims of footpath accidents are made early settlement offers that in no way reflect the inconvenience, pain and loss of earnings suffered. Time should be allowed between the incident and making a claim for footpath accident compensation to permit a full medical assessment to be carried out and any possible long term health complications to be discovered, particularly when there are injuries to the head. This is not to say that you should delay contacting a solicitor experienced in injury compensation claims.

If you should suffer an injury from a footpath accident where fault can be attributed to poor maintenance or negligence, you should contact us to find out more about making a footpath accident compensation claim. You can call us without charge or obligation or use the call back form below to advise us of when would be a convenient time to call you.

Our Promise to YOU:

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What can I expect?

When we receive your call, you will be transferred to a solicitor experienced in helping clients make claims for footpath accident compensation.

They will listen to the events of your footpath accident and ask any relevant questions.

They will be able to inform you whether you have a case worth pursuing and an honest appraisal of your chances of success.

You will also be given details of the claim process, the length of time it will take and an idea of the general level of compensation you should expect to receive for your footpath accident.

There is no better time to contact us to discuss your options in respect of a possible footpath accident compensation claim. You can call now.

If you cannot call us right now, please complete the call back form below and one of our friendly and helpful team will be happy to call you back at a time which is more convenient to you.