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Back Injury in Car Accident

What amount of back injury in car accident compensation will I qualify for after a car accident?

The amount of compensation you may be awarded for your back injury in car accident compensation will depend on several elements. The factor most plaintiffs will automatically think of first will more than likely be for the extent of the back injury you have sustained – which can range from relatively inconvenient to complete paralysis. There are, however, some more factors that a solicitor will consider when assisting their client with a claim for car crash back damage.

An important aspect to take into account is if liability is in question. Even if you were only partially at fault for the accident in which your back injuries were suffered, the value of your compensation may decrease to reflect your own lack of care. It is important to note that if you were not wearing a seatbelt at the time of the accident and the extent of your injuries were exacerbated because of this fact; you can expect your compensation settlement to be reduced by twenty five per cent.

Medical experts recognise that almost all victims of serious traffic accidents will suffer with post-traumatic stress disorder by some degree, and your solicitor would take the element of this emotional trauma into account when compiling a claim for back injury in car accident.

It is possible that the extent of your injury will have negative connotations on your financial state, so it is worth noting that you may be reimbursed for any loss of income you have had to bear due to the back injury from car crash, along with any “out-of-pocket- expenses such as medical costs and public transport fares if you can no longer drive your car.

There is the possibility that you will be approached directly by the negligent party’s insurance company with an early offer of compensation for your car crash back damage. In this instance, it is best to refer such an offer to an experienced solicitor who can determine whether or not it sufficiently represents your injuries and the effect they have had on your life. Unsolicited offers of compensation may not account for all vital aspects of your claim and once you accept an offer such as this, and it turns out to be an insufficient amount to cover your medical expenses or support your family, you can never return to ask for more.

Because of the potential complexities that may arise from a case like this, you would be well advised to discuss the circumstances of your accident and injury with an experienced solicitor at the first practical moment. Your solicitor will be able to offer you a preliminary indication of how much back injury in car accident compensation you qualify for, which could prove invaluable when negotiating with the negligent party’s insurers and when the Injuries Board assessment is complete.