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Broken Finger Compensation

Am I able to claim for broken finger compensation? My finger broke after a door at my workplace suddenly slammed shut on it, but my employer said that I can’t claim compensation because it is only a minor injury. Is this correct?

Even if your injury is seen as minor by your employer, it is still possible to claim broken finger compensation if the negligence of your employer resulted in an accident. The amount of compensation to which you may be entitled will be determined by a number of elements, and not simply on how severe or minor the sustained injury is. As well as the injury itself, your compensation will be awarded in accordance with any expenses you incurred, the effect it has had on your life and psychological trauma.

Broken finger compensation begins with general damages for your injuries. This will assign a figure to your injury depending on its nature, severity and long-term effects. Compensation for the pain and suffering caused will also be included. This figure will then be adjusted to take your age, gender and general state of health prior to the accident into account.

Special damages will then provide compensation for the expenses you incurred as a direct result of your injury, which may include medical expenses and the cost of alternative transport if you are unable to drive. If you have missed work as a result of your injury, any income you have lost as a result may also be compensated.

Broken finger compensation will also include loss of amenity. This is awarded to reflect any deterioration you have suffered in your quality of life since your accident. This can include being unable to perform everyday tasks — for example, if you cannot pick up your children if you are unable to drive. The inability to partake in social and leisure activities can also be compensated. For instance, if you are an avid tennis player and your broken finger means you cannot play, this may be included under loss of amenity.

You may also be compensated for psychological trauma you have suffered because of your accident. This may be due to the nature of the accident itself or because of depression or anxiety while in recovery. Psychological trauma must first be verified by a qualified psychiatrist before it can be compensated.

As seen above, compensation after an accident is determined far beyond the severity of an injury. Your employer could possibly challenge your claim to compensation, and for this reason you are advised to consult a personal injury* solicitor at the earliest opportunity. Your solicitor will determine the amount of compensation you can claim, and can answer any questions you may have regarding your broken finger compensation.