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Broken Rib Compensation

Am I able to claim broken rib compensation after falling in a supermarket? I landed on my side after I slipped on spilled yoghurt while out shopping recently, and I broke three ribs as a result. Is the supermarket liable?

It is possible to claim broken rib compensation if you have slipped on spilled yoghurt in a supermarket if it can be determined that the supermarket’s negligence resulted in your accident and injury. When you visit a supermarket you are entitled to do so without fear of sustaining an injury, and it is the duty of the supermarket to ensure that a safe environment is provided in which to shop. However if an injury occurs it must be determined if the supermarket has been negligent. If negligence has occurred on behalf of the supermarket, they may be held liable for a claim to compensation.

The supermarket may be liable for broken rib compensation if it is determined that the yoghurt had been on the floor for an unacceptable period of time prior to the accident. This would have been a clear hazard to anybody walking in the vicinity and should have been removed promptly. If sufficient measures were not taken to remove this hazard, the supermarket will have been negligent towards the welfare of their customers and may therefore be liable. However the possibility remains that the supermarket was not liable if you had slipped on the yoghurt immediately after it had fallen out of another shopper’s trolley. In this situation the supermarket would hardly have the time to remove the hazard, and for this reason would not be responsible for your injury.

After sustaining an injury you should seek immediate medical attention if an ambulance was not already called after your accident. Once you have been treated, a report should be made in the accident report book of the supermarket, which can be used as evidence to support your claim. Following this, you are advised to consult a solicitor with the details of your claim and who can advise you on its strength and whether it is worth pursuing. It may also be possible to determine the amount of compensation to which you may be entitled, which will be useful should you receive an unsolicited offer of compensation from the insurance company of the supermarket. While a quick settlement of your claim may be tempting, you should first refer the offer to your solicitor as there is a danger that the offer being made is inadequate to cover your needs. If this occurs – or if you have any further questions on making a claim for broken rib compensation – you are advised to consult a personal injury* solicitor at the earliest opportunity.