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Claim Compensation for Tourist in Car Accident in Ireland

How can I claim compensation for tourist in car accident in Ireland?

You will be able to claim compensation for tourist in car accident in Ireland if you can meet the following criteria; you sustained an injury in the accident that required medical attention and that injury was due to an accident caused by a negligent road user of the authority responsible for the upkeep of the road. However, in order for your claim to be successful, it is important that you have completed a number of standard procedures.

Your health should always be your first priority and you should have been examined by a professional medical practitioner immediately after the accident occurred. If the accident was a serious one, an ambulance would likely have been called and any party involved who sustained tourist car accident injuries would have been professionally examined. If the accident did not call for the presence of an ambulance, you should still have made your own way to the nearest Accident and Emergency department. Not only will this step be of benefit to your health and well-being, a claim for tourist car crash in Ireland cannot be made without proof of your injuries in your medical history.

It is vital that the accident was reported to the Gardai as soon as practically possible. The Gardai would have attended a serious accident and would have collected statements from those involved and also from eye-witnesses. If the Gardai were not present at your accident scene, you should visit the local Garda station to document your version of events in their Accident Report Book. Included in this report should be the date, time and location of the accident and the names of all those involved, along with their insurance details and car registration numbers. It is important that you retain a copy of this report to provide to your solicitor.

If your injuries allowed, it would have been beneficial to exchange names, addresses and insurance details with the other driver (or drivers) involved in the accident. If possible, it would have been advantageous to use modern technology to document the details of the accident in order to successfully claim compensation for tourist in car accident in Ireland. You could have used the camera function on your mobile phone to take images of the accident scene, the vehicle registration numbers and the road conditions.

You would be strongly recommended to engage the services of a solicitor at the first practical moment following medical treatment for your tourist car accident injuries, who would be in the best position to guide you through the claims process. In the initial consultation -which most solicitors offer without charge – he or she could assess your claims by examining your medical notes and the Garda report, and could determine whether or not you can recover tourist car crash in Ireland compensation.

Once your right to claim compensation for tourist in car accident in Ireland is confirmed, your solicitor can ensure that your case is expertly prepared in order to maximise the probability of success and of recovering compensation for your injury in the quickest possible time.