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Claim for Three Car Accident

Can I claim for three car accident as I was rear-ended by the middle car in the crash and hold no responsibility?

You should be able to claim for three car accident as it seems as though you have been involved in the most common type of three car crash – when a vehicle hits a car in front and the car behind is unable to brake in time causing another collision. Although it is possible for any of the three cars to blame, the driver who caused the rear end shunt is usually rendered the party responsible for the accident occurring. Despite the fact that you consider yourself blameless, establishing blame in cases such as these can be extremely complex, particularly when the version of events relayed by each separate driver is different.

Therefore, it is highly important that the correct procedures are completed following a three car collision as a neglect to do so may put your eligibility to claim compensation in jeopardy. Your first priority should always be your health and safety and you should have sought prompt medical treatment for any injuries that you suffered. Not only will this benefit your wellbeing, but an essential aspect of any personal injury* claim is that an injury was in fact sustained, and without proof – notes made in your medical records – no claim can be pursued.

Similarly, the report you made to the Gardai at the time of the accident will also have a significant bearing on the outcome of your claim for three car accident. If the accident was serious enough to require Garda presence, they would have made their own report and taken statements from all involved, including witnesses. However, if your injuries did not permit, or if no Gardai were present at the accident scene, you should attend the local Garda station to submit your version of events of the accident to their Accident Report Book as soon as possible, if you have not already done so.

Another advantage to your claim for the three vehicle crash injuries you sustained would be if you had exchanged the contact details, vehicle registration number and insurance details of all drivers involved in the accident.

However, even if you had not already completed all of the standard procedures mentioned above, you would still be strongly advised to seek the assistance of an experienced personal injury* claims solicitor. Because of the complex nature of claims for accidents involving more than one car, the expertise of a qualified solicitor could prove to be invaluable.

Establishing the degree of contributory negligence can be complicated, especially when three insurance companies have entered negotiations to settle compensation for three vehicle crash injuries. The presence of a solicitor who knows all of the specifics of your case could make all the difference in your claim for three car accident.