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Compensation for Cutting Finger

What amount of compensation for cutting finger will I get? I almost severed my finger a sharp edge of office equipment and my doctor told me mobility will always be restricted in that finger.

It is impossible to say exactly how much compensation for cutting finger one should receive without knowing the medical facts and a doctor’s prognosis. Awards for cut finger compensation are determined by encompassing the individual merits of each case, and each case is unique, resulting in sometimes significantly different compensation settlements, even if injuries sustained are the same.

When submitting a compensation for cutting finger claim to the Injuries Board, a medical assessment form must be included, which should contain a detailed description of the injury and prognosis on the possibility of making a full recovery. The Injuries Board may even require you to undergo an independent medical examination before they can decide how much compensation you qualify for.

When calculating the value of compensation for cutting finger that will go towards your physical injury, your age, sex and state of health prior to the accident will all be accounted for. If it is found that you exacerbated your injury due to your own lack of care, or if you contributed to the cause of the accident, your compensation may be reduced on account of your “contributory negligence”.

According to the Book of Quantum, before accounting for your personal attributes, compensation for a finger injury that is “significant or on-going” should be in the region of €10,300 to €29,800 or between €17,900 and €47,800 if your injury has caused “serious and permanent damage”. However, it is not possible to accurately narrow down the range of compensation without further medical data.

Any “special damages” for loss of earnings, medical costs, transportation fares and other expenses associated with your injury can also be included in your compensation for cutting finger claim. For a more accurate calculation on how much compensation you are likely to receive, you are recommended to speak with a personal injury* solicitor at the first opportunity possible.