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Construction Accidents Compensation Claims

Some workplaces are naturally more dangerous than others, and it is not surprising that construction accident compensation claims are commonplace. With workers clambering up and down ladders, lifting heavy weights and handling hazardous materials it is not unexpected that falls, back injuries and chemical burns are a frequent occurrence. Even those working on the lower levels of a building site are not out of danger as things like wooden boards and bricks get dropped from above.

The kind of injuries sustained at construction sites can be life-altering. The construction site environment is likely to be quite conducive to bacteria and secondary infections so it is imperative to get wounds treated as soon as possible. No amount of money can compensate for chronic back pain or the unnecessary loss of a limb, so speed is of the essence in getting to the hospital and getting injuries treated right away.

Most construction injuries occur to those who are employed on site or to the contractors and self-employed tradesmen that frequent the premises, but construction site accidents also happen to casual visitors and even to passers-by.

Liability for Construction Accidents

As with any other workplace, the employer is responsible for your well-being while you are at your place of work and therefore the employing company is liable for accidents caused by negligence, lack of training or poor safety procedures. Similarly the construction company is responsible for the safety of any casual visitors to the site and would be liable to pay compensation should the visitor sustain an injury while on site.

Fair Compensation for Construction Accidents

Even those with a cast-iron construction accident claims case sometimes falter and accept less of a settlement than they would be awarded in court. They may be convinced by the opposing insurance company lawyer that they do not have a strong case, or lacking professional advice they may settle for a quick out-of-court payment not realising that in fact had the case gone to court they would most likely have been awarded a great deal more money.

Most people have no experience in dealing with personal injury* claims. Not knowing quite what to expect can be very unsettling so claimants find the opportunity to talk the matter over with an experienced professional claims solicitor very supportive.

While Internet research can be helpful, it is nowhere near as effective as discussing your case with a practiced advisor. Call our free advice line now to talk to an experienced construction claims solicitor today.

What can I expect?

You will speak directly to an experienced solicitor who will listen to your case and tell you whether you have a valid claim. In most cases, he or she will also be able to give you a rough idea of compensation that can be expected.

Your call will be handled with absolute discretion and you will not be put under any pressure to proceed.

Your call to our help line will cost you nothing but a few moments of your time.

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