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Construction Accident Compensation

Construction accident compensation is one of the most common of workplace injury claims. With workers up and down ladders and scaffolding, labourers handling heavy equipment and the use of toxic chemicals and power industrial tools, it is not hard to see why the construction industry is one of the most hazardous in which to work.

It need not even be anything as dramatic as a fall from a height which causes injury but simply a trip in a poorly managed building yard. With all the materials in constant use, if site management is not up to scratch, then accidents will happen.

If you have been injured in a construction accident then you may want to know whether you have a potential claim. The easiest way to answer that is to speak to a construction claims solicitor using our free advice line.
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Construction Accident Compensation Procedure

In any personal injury* case the first priority is your health. There is more than likely a site doctor on hand to deal with injuries immediately but even so, if you have suffered an accident at work you would be advised to also see your own doctor as soon as possible.

There are two reasons for this. Firstly, your own doctor is better placed to record the development of any chronic conditions brought on by your workplace accident and secondly, your doctor’s examination records may be used as supportive evidence of injury.

You should also speak to a solicitor as soon as possible after a construction site injury. By law, you have two years from the date of injury to make a claim, but, with the highly transient nature of the construction industry, by that time many of the witnesses to your accident may have moved on or their memories about the incident will not be as sharp.

There is another reason for your solicitor to speak to your colleagues soon after the accident. He or she may want to gather witness accounts of the working conditions at the site at the time of your accident- especially if there is any likelihood of your employer making changes after he becomes aware of an accident having occurred on the premises.

The Injuries Board of Ireland handles almost all personal injury* compensation cases in the country. The only exceptions are medical negligence* cases which tend to be overly complicated for the board to handle.

The Injuries Board gathers your information and assesses your claim. They will inform both you and the defendant of their assessment and either side can then accept or reject the award.

In most cases, the opposing side is going to consist of insurance company lawyers. It is their job to get your claim dismissed or to reduce it as much as possible. With this in mind, you can be sure that if the other side accepts the board’s assessment it is very likely to be too low.

The good news is that you are entitled to seek your own legal representation and you do not have to rely on the assessment of the Injuries Board. Your solicitor will help you gather as much supporting documentation as possible to show the extent not only of your injuries but of your out-of-pocket expenses, future loss of earnings and loss of enjoyment due to the injury’s impact on your life.

If you are considering making a claim for construction accident compensation you must have a number of questions about your entitlement and how to prepare the strongest case. We are waiting to help. Call our free advice line to talk to a claims solicitor today.