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Construction Site Injury Claim

A construction site injury compensation claim can be generated from a large number of factors – and not all of them caused by a physical accident. Whereas trips, slips, falls and injuries from manual handling are the most numerous reasons for a construction site injury compensation claim, injuries which have been acquired over a period of time – such as hand arm vibration syndrome, asbestos-related mesothelioma and manganism (a welding-related disease similar to early onset of Parkinson´s disease) – can be equally as serious, yet receive far less attention.

Irrespective of the nature of your injury, it is only possible to make a construction site injury compensation claim when it can be shown that your employer was negligent in some way. In these times of economic cutbacks and cost savings, short cuts are sometimes taken to circumnavigate the regulations laid down in the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Acts, with risk assessment, comprehensive training and adequate machine maintenance most frequently overlooked.

Even when your employer is only partly responsible for your injury, he has displayed a “lack of care” towards you and not created a safe environment in which to work. Whatever the cause of your injury, and whatever part you may have played in it yourself by not following health and safety procedures, where an employer has not conducted his business in accordance with the law, you are entitled to make a construction site injury compensation claim.

Making a Construction Site Injury Compensation Claim

It is strongly recommended that you consult with a solicitor before making a construction site injury compensation claim. Not only may an onsite accident impair your ability to compile a comprehensive application to the Injuries Board Ireland, but there are elements within a construction site injury compensation claim which differ from a normal personal injury claim. These most commonly revolve around your employment status or the employer´s unwillingness to acknowledge that he is liable for your injuries: there are many other circumstances which may be unique to your application.

We have also found that workers sustaining a construction injury may be apprehensive about making a construction site injury compensation claim because of the effects that it may have on their future job prospects. We can assure you that by using a solicitor to assist with a construction site injury compensation claim, you will be less likely to get involved in an awkward workplace confrontation or have any blemish on your employment history. Furthermore, a solicitor has details of the most up-to-date compensation awards, and will ensure that you are offered a fair and adequate amount should your employer´s insurance company make an approach to you with an offer for early settlement.

Because of the individual nature of a construction site injury compensation claim, we have established a claims advice telephone service which you are invited to call and discuss your own personal situation. You are welcome to ask questions and seek practical and impartial advice from one of our team of specialist personal injury claims solicitors, who have many years experience of dealing with construction site injury compensation claims. There is no obligation on you to proceed with a claim once you have spoken with us and all calls to our service are treated with complete confidentiality.

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What You Can Expect When You Call

When you call our claims advice telephone service, you will be speaking directly to one of our experienced personal injury claims solicitors. You are welcome to format the conversation in any way you wish, but what we ultimately want to establish is that you are entitled to make a construction site injury compensation claim, and that you have the information from us about the best way to do it.

Therefore, we will ask you to tell us how you sustained your injury – whether it was through an accident or developed over a period of time – how it has been diagnosed and what treatment you have received for it. We would also like to know why you consider that your employer is liable for your injuries and how you feel they could have been prevented.

Other factors that you should incorporate in a construction site injury compensation claim include how your quality of life has suffered because of your injuries, how your family life may have deteriorated as a result, and what effect your construction site injury has made to your future earning potential. We will advise you on all these points, and more, to help determine whether you have a construction site injury compensation claim which is worth your while to pursue.

We usually conclude our initial conversation by supplying you with a list of options for you to consider. You are under no obligation to act on any of our suggestions, but are welcome to call us again if there are questions you have though of after having spoken to us. Even if you find just one element of your entitlement to make a construction site injury compensation claim that you did not know about before, it is worth your while calling our claims advice telephone service.

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