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Footpath Trip Compensation Claim

Having suffered an injury thanks to tripping over broken pavements stones or uneven flagging, should you launch a footpath trip compensation claim? The answer is yes.,But before considering any such action, be sure to have your injuries tended to by a doctor. No amount of money compensates for a permanent injury that could have been avoided.

Who is responsible for your footpath trip?

Any number of trips and falls occur every day. Who is responsible if you trip and injure yourself on a footpath? Sometimes no-one is to blame at all. Perhaps the injured party was not looking where he or she was going and tripped off the kerb, breaking an ankle in the process. Or the wind may have blown some debris or rubbish into the way and an unsuspecting walker slipped on it and dislocated a shoulder. Although these are unfortunate and painful accidents, no one can be said to be responsible (except, perhaps, for the injured party who should have been paying more attention to where they were walking).

However, in cases where the footpath is in disrepair, there is a clear case for compensation. Stretches of pavement where the flagging stones have buckled or there is an actual hole or crack in the surface of the footpath are a danger to the public. Anyone who catches a foot and trips on a broken footpath has a right to bring a footpath trip compensation claim.

The question of who must pay the compensation depends on who owns the path. If the injury occurred while walking on a public footpath then in all likelihood it is the local authority that are responsible for its upkeep; if on private land however, it will be the landowner who must pay any compensation.

Making your footpath trip compensation claim

Having decided to proceed with a compensation claim, many people then accept a settlement that truly does not compensate them in full for the suffering they have endured. To make sure that you do not make the same mistake, call our claims advice help line and one of our experienced claims solicitors will talk through your case with you without obligation. If you prefer you can fill in our call back form below and we will get back to you at a convenient time.

What can I expect?

Often people talk their potential claim over with friends or family and then receive in return a confusing array of conflicting advice. Never quite sure of the validity of their claim in the first place, they then become more open to accepting small compensation settlements. Talking over your case with an experienced claims lawyer will clarify your position and improve the likelihood of receiving full and fair compensation.

We can normally tell you quickly if your claim is worth pursuing and your likelihood of succeeding. We can also tell you the general level of compensation for your injuries.

Right now the easiest next step is to call our claims advice help line without obligation.

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