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Forklift Injury Claim

According to the Health and Safety Executive, a forklift injury compensation claim is most likely to result from poor training or a lack of supervision of forklifts in the workplace. This “lack of care” by employers is usually a consequence of cost cutting exercises and a lack of responsibility to follow health and safety regulations.

Other reasons for a forklift injury compensation claim include faulty machinery or uneven and damaged surfaces – affecting the operators of the vehicles, other warehouse or factory employees and members of the visiting public.

Although most injuries involving forklifts may be minor in nature, it is essential that when you have sustained an injury in an accident involving a forklift that you see a doctor as soon as possible. Some injuries which involve bangs to the head or knocks to the spine may not become immediately apparent, and a precautionary examination by a doctor will ensure that you are going to suffer no long term health issues. Furthermore, an entry will be made on your medical records to say that you visited a doctor after a forklift accident and this, together with the appropriate entry in the employers “Accident Report Book” will be used to support your forklift injury compensation claim.

Making a Forklift Accident Compensation Claim

Making a forklift accident compensation claim is best done with the assistance of a personal injury* claims solicitor. Frequently employers will not want to acknowledge that they are liable for your injuries or, if they do, will instruct their insurance company to make an inappropriate offer of settlement long before the Injuries Board Ireland have had an opportunity to assess your forklift injury compensation claim. By using an experienced personal injury* claims solicitor, familiar with work related injuries, you can be sure that you will receive a fair and adequate compensation award for your forklift injury compensation claim.

To assist accident victims find out exactly what they are entitled to and how they should go about claiming it, we have set up a free advice telephone service. This service allows you to speak with such a personal injury* claims solicitor, ask any questions which are relevant to your forklift injury compensation claim and receive some helpful and impartial advice. There is no pressure put on you to proceed with a claim and every call is treated with total confidentiality.

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What You Can Expect

Forklift accidents can leave their victims with many different physical and psychological issues. For the many work related injuries we have dealt with over the years, never have two been identical and therefore you will find us courteous and attentive as you explain to us the circumstances surrounding your accident.

We will usually interrupt with a series of questions for you, and if you have any questions for us you are welcome to ask them as you go along. You will probably find that the telephone conversation develops into more of a chat, and it may be useful for you to know that we are totally impartial during your initial call. We only want to learn about your accident and offer advice.

If you want, we can make a preliminary assessment of your entitlement to a forklift injury compensation claim, advise you how long the process may take and the likelihood of your success. We will also offer suggestions on how you can precede and we normally close each call to our free telephone service with a summary of your options to consider.

Most of our clients prefer a little time to absorb the information and often come back to us with questions that they have thought of later. That is perfectly normal and acceptable, but we would ask that you do not delay too long in deciding whether you wish to proceed with a forklift injury compensation claim.

Although the Statute of Limitations allows two years between the date of your accident and when your forklift injury compensation claim should be filed, witnesses memories become faded with the passing of time as the does the evidence of your accident. Therefore we would recommend that you call us at the earliest possible opportunity.

If this is not a convenient time, complete the call-back form below and one of our team will ring you when it is more suitable.