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Hand Injury Compensation

Can I claim hand injury compensation if the accident occurred on an airplane? I spilled hot coffee on my hand, resulting in a severe burn when the plane hit turbulence without warning. How can I make a claim?

Provided that the injury which was sustained was the result of the negligence of another party, you will be able to claim hand injury compensation if your accident occurred on an airplane. The process required will be very different, as it is not necessary to prove that the airline company was careless towards your health and safety — merely that you sustained an injury while flying. This will be the situation if you are travelling to or from a country that has adapted the Montreal Convention.

In order to claim hand injury compensation, proof that you have sustained an injury will be required and that this injury occurred while on board the airplane. This is best established via medical records, meaning that it is important to seek medical attention once your plane has landed. If the accident happened en route to another country, you are advised to seek medical attention both there and again when you return home. Witness accounts of your accident will also be of benefit, whether this is from fellow passengers or the flight attendants who provided you with first aid.

The amount of compensation you claim for your injury will depend on a number of factors, such as the nature of the injury, the pain and suffering which was caused as a result and the manner in which it has affected your livelihood. The compensation will be adjusted in accordance with your age, gender and state of health. If you had to shorten or lengthen your stay in a foreign country to deal with your injury this may also be compensated.

Another factor that will undoubtedly affect the compensation to which you may be entitled is the country in which you make a claim. This may be the country of departure, arrival or in which the airline is based. Each of these countries may have different procedures in order to make a claim or in the amount of compensation which may ultimately be awarded after a successful claim. It should be remembered that as per the Montreal Convention, a time limit of two years exists in order to make a claim for compensation. As a result, you are advised to consult a personal injury* solicitor at the earliest opportunity if you believe you have a valid claim to hand injury compensation on an airplane.