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Hit and Run Accident Compensation

The Motor Insurers Bureau of Ireland (MIBI) and Hit and Run Accident Compensation

Victims of road traffic accidents in Ireland sometimes believe that they cannot claim hit and run accident compensation for their injuries. Similarly, there may frequently be doubt that it is possible to claim compensation if injuries were sustained in an accident that was caused by the driver of an uninsured car or if the negligent driver was from abroad. However, the Motor Insurers Bureau of Ireland (MIBI) is a body against whom it is possible to claim compensation for hit and run accidents and accidents caused by uninsured drivers, and who will assist plaintiffs to recover hit and run accident compensation when they have been injured in an accident for which a foreign car was responsible.

The MIBI was established in 1955 as a non-profit making private company by agreement between the Irish Government and motor insurance companies in Ireland. It is compulsory by law that all licensed insurance companies who underwrite motor insurance in Ireland are members of MIBI and that they contribute to the costs of running the organisation (proportionate to market share) and assist in funding the claims that the MIBI are responsible for.

Role of the MIBI

The MIBI will assist in finding the identity of drivers who flee an accident scene, they compensate victims of accidents caused by an uninsured driver and they act as middle-men for accident victims where the negligent driver is not insured in Ireland. Compensation for hit and run claims where the driver’s identity is never traced can also be obtained through the MIBI, as can compensation for damage to property in a restricted number of situations which may be subject to excess.

Accidents Involving Unidentified and Uninsured Vehicles

Following an accident you were involved in, where the driver who was at fault fled the scene; his or her identification may be revealed by the Gardai with the assistance of roadside cameras or CCTV equipment. Even if their attempt to find the culprit proves to be futile, it would be in your best interest to contact the MIBI and give them notice that it is your intention to initiate proceedings for a hit and run accident compensation claim against the unidentified driver.

The MIBI will be in a position to give you the insurance details of the driver who caused the accident if you manage to obtain their vehicle´s registration number. If the vehicle is insured you could then begin your compensation claim against the negligent driver’s insurance company. If it is not insured – the MIBI will be able to confirm the fact with the registration number -you should inform the MIBI that you will be pursuing a claim against an uninsured vehicle as, in such a circumstance, the MIBI would be named as respondent on your application form to the Injuries Board.

Legal Assistance and MIBI Compensation Claims

You are fully within your rights to deal with the MIBI directly, however, it is advisable to hire a solicitor experienced in motor accident compensation claims involving the MIBI, as the revised January 2009 Agreement restricts the MIBI’s accountability in some situations and new time limits have been set in place for notifying them of an intended claim for hit and run accident compensation which names them as respondent.

As the time limit for contacting MIBI is restricted and comes when it may be advisable to focus on your recovery – engaging the assistance of a legal professional, who is well versed in the new Agreement involved in claiming compensation in hit and run accidents against the MIBI, would be your best option to ensure a successful claim.

How to Make an Uninsured Motorist Compensation Claim

Usually, after a road traffic accident, a negligent driver would ordinarily refer the plaintiff to his or her insurance company, who will subsequently defend the claim on the negligent party’s behalf. Similarly, when claims for hit and run accident compensation are made against the MIBI, the MIBI would refer the plaintiff to one of their member insurance companies to defend the claim on their behalf.

Every insurance company has a claims handler to represent the company in any compensation claim; their job is to pay the victim as little compensation as possible. The MIBI’s “Claims Management Services Provider” is no different. Although there is nothing fraudulent in this practice, many accident victims accept compensation for hit and run accidents where the amount awarded does not reflect the nature and severity of the injuries.

A legal professional experienced in compensation for hit and run claims can assess your hit and run compensation claim or uninsured driver accident claim and advise you of an accurate value of your claim.

No two compensation for hit and run claims are ever the same. If you have been involved in a road traffic accident for which you were not at fault and think that you may be entitled to claim hit and run compensation, make an uninsured driver claim or claim against the MIBI, it is recommended that you discuss the information given in this article with a solicitor at the first possible opportunity.