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Lower Leg Injury Compensation

How much lower leg injury compensation will I be able to claim after being hit by a negligent driver? My injury has left me unable to work for three months, and I cannot play football for a year.

The amount of lower leg injury compensation to which you may be entitled — like any other injury — will depend entirely upon the specific circumstances of your accident and injury. It is important to note that a variety of factors will determine the amount of compensation which you can claim, and as a result no two compensation amounts will be identical, even if the injury sustained is the same.

The first aspect that will determine your lower leg injury compensation amount will be that of general damages. This will be established by the nature of the injury you have sustained, its severity and the pain and suffering caused as a result. This figure will then be adjusted to take age, gender and general state of health into account.

As you have been unable to work for three months, special damages will provide compensation for income lost as a result. Special damages should also cover the cost of any quantifiable expenses which you may have incurred as a result of your injury, which may include medical expenses, the price of alternative transport if you are unable to drive and — if you have been confined to a wheelchair for a period — the cost of refitting your home.

Loss of amenity will be of particular significance as you cannot play football for a year. This aspect of compensation is given to reflect the deterioration a victim has suffered in their quality of life following an accident. As well as compensation for being unable to perform everyday tasks, this can also include damages for being unable to pursue leisure activities. People who are highly active will be eligible to more compensation than those who are not, meaning your compensation may increase as a result of this.

Finally there is compensation for psychological trauma that has developed because of your injury. This may be as a result of the accident and injury itself, or due to depression and anxiety while in recovery. Psychological damage must first be verified by a qualified psychiatrist before it can be compensated.

As previously mentioned, no two compensation amounts will ever be identical and will depend your own unique circumstance. This can be affected further if contributory negligence is a factor in your injury, which may reduce the amount you receive. In order to determine liability for your injury and how much you may claim, you are advised to consult a personal injury* solicitor without delay if you believe you are eligible to claim lower leg injury compensation.