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Food Poisoning Claims

There are quite strict procedures which have to be followed when making food poisoning claims for compensation. First of all, your doctor must conduct a test on a sample to establish what exactly caused the food poisoning to occur, and then the strain of bacteria has to be matched with food from the retail establishment against which you are making food poisoning claims. Quite often, local environmental services may be involved and, as this all needs to happen quickly at a time when you may still be suffering from the symptoms of food poisoning, it is in your best interests to engage a personal injury solicitor to handle a claim for food poisoning compensation on your behalf.

Watermelon Salmonella Compensation Likely for Victims of Food Poisoning

Claims for watermelon salmonella compensation are likely following reports of the Newport Salmonella strain being found in pre-packed watermelons believed to have been imported from Brazil. The Food Safety Authority of Ireland are investigating four potential cases of watermelon salmonella food poisoning after the UK´s Health Protection Agency announced that at least one person had died after contracting food poisoning from an infected melon, while other cases of watermelon salmonella sickness had been reported throughout the UK and in Germany. It is believed that the salmonella bacteria could have been introduced into the watermelons during the preparation process if the fruit was washed in dirty water or a contaminated knife used to cut them. Typical symptoms of watermelon salmonella food poisoning include vomiting, fatigue, fever and diarrhoea, and people suffering these symptoms are advised to seek medical treatment immediately. Liability for watermelon salmonella compensation claims is likely lie with shops, kiosks and cafes who sell pre-packed watermelon slices, as many of the major supermarket chains have already announced that their stocks have been checked for contamination and been passed as fit for human consumption. Once victims of watermelon salmonella food poisoning have been treated for their illnesses, it is advisable to speak with a compensation solicitor to determine that they have a claim for watermelon salmonella compensation.

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