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RTE Employee Wins Claim for Elbow Injury Compensation

A props assistant at RTE´s Donnybrook Studios has won a claim for elbow injury compensation after a YouTube video clip was used in evidence at the Circuit Civil Court.

Arthur McMullan (59) from Goatstown in Dublin worked at the RTE Studios as a props assistant when his accident occurred in February 2010. A stage curtain had got caught on a mirror ball and, while Arthur was attempting to unsnag the curtain, he tripped over a studio floor light, injuring his elbow in the process.

The video clip which was shown to Judge Jacqueline Linnane at the Circuit Civil Court showed Saturday Night Show host, Brendan O´Connor holding back the same curtain during a musical performance on the show and advising the producers that “I did warn you about this curtain”. Arthur´s personal injury claim was also supported by a work colleague who testified that the curtains had been an ongoing hazard for a number of years.

After hearing from Arthur´s legal counsel that Arthur still experienced pain from the injury two years after the event Judge Jacqueline Linnane awarded Arthur 18,500 Euros in respect of his claim for elbow injury compensation against his employers, RTE.