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Claim for Faulty Hip Device Made by Former DePuy Counsellor

A woman, who used to counsel patients about to undergo hip replacement surgery, has made a claim for faulty hip device compensation after the failure of her own DePuy ASR hip replacement system.

The face of Penny Brown (51) from Bath in Wiltshire was familiar to many people about to have a DePuy ASR hip replacement operation. After her own implant in 2004, Penny acted as an ambassador for the company – counselling patients about to undergo surgery, allowing her image to used in DePuy marketing material and speaking to media about how her DePuy ASR hip replacement system had relieved of the pain of osteoarthritis.

However, in 2009, Penny started to experience a pain in her groin whenever she walked. Within a few months more, a clunking noise developed from her implant and the pain spread. Like so many others making DePuy hip recall compensation claims, Penny was told that her DePuy ASR hip replacement system was failing and she would have to undergo revision surgery.

Penny´s operation took place in April this year but, because of complications caused by her faulty hip device, she has been bed-ridden ever since and been unable to work. “I not only feel let down personally but also feel guilty that I might have encouraged others to have the ASR implanted” Penny told local reporters when the news broke of her claim for faulty hip device compensation.

Better Injury Claims Comment: Penny´s delay in seeking medical attention when the pain in her thigh first developed may have exasperated the complications of her surgery and it is of vital importance that, if you have receive any model of metal on metal hip replacement system, you seek urgent medical attention as soon as you believe that a health problem is developing which may be attributable to a faulty hip device.