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Compensation for Death of Child Due To Misinformation

A grieving mother has agreed to a 20,000 pounds compensation for death of child settlement in respect of her malpractice claim against the hospital in which her son died while undergoing heart surgery.

Jaidon Vines was only eleven months old when he underwent a second operation at Oxford’s John Radcliffe Infirmary to close a hole in his heart. Hours after the surgery, which the medical team had described to his mother – Shara – as successful, Jaidon suffered a heart attack and died.

No post-mortem examination was carried out due to the surgeon´s explanation that Jaidon had died because of his heart condition, however experts later established that tubing inserted into Jaidon´s heart in the first operation had not been removed before a further tube was inserted during the second surgery.

After discovering that the John Radcliffe Infirmary had not been honest with her about the risks involved with the second surgery, and that her son could have lived for a further thirty years had the surgery been performed correctly, Shara Vines made a malpractice claim for compensation against the hospital.

Claiming compensation for death of child due to misinformation, Shara´s legal representatives called on expert witnesses who testified that the second operation was unnecessary in the circumstances and that on the balance of probability Jaidon would have survived for a considerable period of time without it.

The John Radcliffe Infirmary made an offer of settlement in the amount of 20,000, which Shara accepted under advice.

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