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Faulty Hip Replacement Recall in Ireland Begins

Following the faulty hip replacement recall in Ireland made by DePuy Orthopaedics last month, the Health Service Executive (HSE) has reported that 3,516 patients have been implanted with the recalled DePuy ASR XL Acetabular and DePuy ASR Articular hip replacement systems since the medical devices were introduced into the country in 2003.

According to data from the UK´s National Joint Registry, 13 per cent of these devices have “failed” within the first five years of being implanted due to friction between the ball and cup of the metal on metal hip replacements. The metal debris released due to this friction then weakens the bone and tissues surrounding the implant, causing it to become loose. The metal debris has also been attributed to pain, inflammation and other health issues surrounding the implant.

DePuy Orthopaedics have stated that they will cover the medical costs of the faulty hip replacement recall in Ireland, but no mention as yet been made of compensation to patients for their pain and suffering. Revision surgery – the process to take out the faulty hip replacement and implant a new one – can be more complicated and painful for the patient, due to the damage to the hip bone and surrounding tissues, and patients may have an extended recovery and rehabilitation period.

In order for the HSE to recover costs incurred in the faulty hip replacement recall in Ireland, patients are being asked to sign medical consent forms allowing DePuy Orthopaedics access to their medical records and the return of the faulty hip replacement after surgery. Our advice is DO NOT SIGN THE DEPUY CONSENT FORMS without first seeking professional legal advice. The explanted faulty hip replacement may be required in future litigation if an appropriate offer of  compensation is not forthcoming.