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Slip Injury Claim on Cruise Ship

A woman, who slipped and fractured her knee cap on a Carnival cruise ship, has been awarded almost €2.3m in damages following a slip injury claim on cruise ship action.

Denise Kaba from Florida was travelling on the Carnival Pride in August 2009, when she slipped and fell on the pool deck which had been treated with a resin that made it hard and slippery when wet.

As a result of her slip and fall, Denise suffered a fractured patella and had to undergo surgery six times to enable it to heal properly. It was also claimed in her action at the U.S. District Court that she may have to have total knee replacements in the future.

Denise’s legal counsel alleged in court that Carnival were aware of previous injuries associated with slips on the pool deck since it had been treated, yet had done nothing to make the surface safer or warn travellers of the potential dangers.

Agreeing with Denise that Carnival were liable for her injuries, U.S. District Judge Ursula Ungara awarded €2,275,000 in damages, consisting of more than €167,000 in past medical expenses, nearly €284,700 in future medical fees, just over €129,000 in loss of earning capacity, €152,000 for pain and suffering in the past and nearly €1.5m for future non-economic damages.