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Office Accident Claim

If you work in an office, you will be aware that there are a number of health and safety regulations which you as an employee have to comply with. The company for which you work may also have their own policies to compliment these regulations and will often have a procedure to report issues which have the potential to lead to an accident.

The potential for an office accident compensation claim against an employer is the motivating factor for him to adhere to health and safety regulations – yet not all do. Poorly maintained premises, faulty equipment or electric cabling and dilapidated furniture are just a few of the instances where an employer is negligent and contributing to office accidents. When you have suffered an injury through an accident in the office caused by a lack of care by your employer, you are entitled to make an office accident compensation claim.

Making an Office Accident Compensation Claim

The procedure for making an office accident compensation claim is the same as any other work related injury. You should first seek medical attention for your injuries and, if not sufficiently severe for a medic to attend on site, make an appointment to see your family doctor or visit the accident and emergency department of your local hospital.

Your office accident should also be recorded in the “Accident Report Book” that each employer is obliged to keep, and ask any colleagues who witnessed the accident to support your office accident compensation claim with their testimonials. It may also be worthwhile to ask around and see if a similar office accident has occurred to anybody else.

Both a copy of your medical records showing the extent of your injuries and the relevant entry in your employer´s “Accident Report Book” should accompany your application for an office accident compensation claim to the Injuries Board Ireland. They will assess your office accident compensation claim and make an assessment of an award for both you and your employer to agree upon.

If it was only that simple! An employer who fails to provide a safe environment for you to work in is hardly going to admit liability when faced with an office accident compensation claim. Furthermore, the claim could make your continued presence in your place of work very uncomfortable, and it is highly unlikely that he would agree to the Injury Board Ireland´s assessment of your claim unless it was particularly low – in which case you are not receiving a fair amount of compensation for your injuries.

This is why 90% of people making an office accident compensation claim choose to make it with the assistance of a personal injury* claims solicitor, and also the reason that we have set up a free advice telephone service in order that you can speak with a solicitor – free of obligation – before deciding whether or not to proceed with an office accident compensation claim.

Our solicitors will offer helpful and impartial advice to help you determine whether an office accident compensation claim is worth your while and, if so, how to go about it in order that you receive an appropriate amount of compensation. Call us now or if you cannot speak now please fill in the form below and we will call you back.

What You Can Expect

Office injuries can take many forms. From a electric shock from a faulty piece of equipment, to a fall due to an uneven floor surface or a collapsing item of furniture – each incident produces its own injuries. Some of these will heal quickly, others may require months of physiotherapy before you can return to work. Our solicitors have heard many different events of office accidents – and never two identical.

Therefore, we would like you to start from the beginning. Explain what the job is that you do, how you came to be using a faulty piece of equipment or walking across an uneven floor, and what it was that caused your accident. Your office accident compensation claim will be based on the element of negligence that your employer was responsible for, so we would like to know about that too.

In order to make our own preliminary assessment of your claim, we would ask you to tell us what medical attention you received and what the diagnosis was of your injuries. Possibly you are still undergoing some form of treatment, so we would like to hear about that as well. Of course, you are welcome to introduce any questions that you have about your office accident compensation claim.

We will gauge if there is an office accident compensation claim which is worth your while to pursue and explain to you the best way to go about it. Our solicitors will also offer advice about avoiding the potential for an uncomfortable office situation and how to handle any approach by the employer´s insurance company with an offer of early settlement.

You are under no obligation to take any of this advice, however our solicitors have over twenty years of dealing with claims of this nature and are happy to share the benefit of their experience with you. If you would like to talk with them, call the legal claims advice helpline at your earliest convenience or leave your contact details in our call-back form below and one will back in touch shortly.