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Pedestrian Injured at Zebra Crossing

I was a pedestrian injured at zebra crossing – can I make a claim for compensation?

Provided that the accident in which the injury was sustained was the result of a third party’s negligence, and that the injury you suffered was serious enough for medical attention to have been administered, as a pedestrian injured at zebra crossing, you should be able to claim compensation for your injuries. By having your injuries professionally examined by a medical practitioner, your medical history would have been updated to include the details of your pedestrian crossing injuries, which can later be used as evidence to support your claim for zebra crossing accident compensation.

Proving liability is a vital part of any personal injury* claim, but please bear in mind that the majority of cases filed by pedestrians have a high probability for success, as the injured party in such situations is not typically responsible for the accident that occurred and the subsequent injuries that were sustained.

When approaching zebra crossings, drivers should be fully attentive and alert for any pedestrians trying to cross the road – when safe to do so, it is the driver’s duty to allow for pedestrians to cross. However, it is the pedestrian’s responsibility to wait to cross the road until they are certain that they have been seen by drivers. It is worth noting that there is the possibility you will be considered partially to blame for the accident if it transpires that you had begun to cross the road without looking for oncoming cars.

A zebra crossing accident compensation claim would benefit from eye witnesses accounts of the accident in order to help confirm that a driver’s negligence resulted in the cause of the accident. Further support for your claim for pedestrian injured at zebra crossing could be got from photographs taken at the scene of the accident, if circumstances permitted.

It is important that you gave your account of the accident in a report to the Gardai. If they did not attend the scene of the accident, you should attend the local Garda station and submit your version of events to the Gardai’s accident report book. It is not enough to rely of the negligent driver to report the accident to the Gardai.

To maximise the probability of a successful resolution to your claim for pedestrian crossing injuries, you would be well advised to engage the services of an experienced solicitor. Your solicitor could guide you in the claims process, help with the completion of standard procedures and ensure that you undergo a thorough medical examination for your injuries.

Your solicitor would be in the best position to ensure that all aspects of your claim are fully communicated on the application form for assessment to the Injuries Board Ireland and that you recover the maximum amount of compensation for pedestrian injured at zebra crossing that you are genuinely entitled to.