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Personal Injury* Solicitors in Dublin

Should you wish to discover whether or not you are eligible to make a compensation claim if you were injured in an accident for which you were not entirely responsible for, you would be advised to seek the advice of personal injury* solicitors in Dublin. Dublin is the obvious place to find personal injury* solicitors – being the home of the Law Society of Ireland – yet not all solicitors will be capable of offering the same level of service.

Dublin personal injury* compensation solicitors will focus as much on the impact injuries have had on the victim’s life as the physical injury. For example, if you have suffered an injury which has resulted in your inability to work, you are more likely to receive compensation for loss of earnings, lost pension and loss opportunities when using a personal injury* compensation solicitor.

As well as being home to the Law Society, Dublin also houses the High Court and major Circuit Civil Courts and, if litigation proves necessary to resolve your claim for person injury compensation, solicitors in Dublin would be more familiar with their surroundings than those from outside the capital city. It should be noted that apparently minor issues such as this can affect the success of your claim.

Benefits of Using Dublin Personal Injury* Compensation Solicitors

Being more accustomed to the “personal” factor of compensation claims, personal injury* solicitors in Dublin will always make sure to determine the effect that your injury has had on your quality of life and those close to you. You can depend on Dublin’s personal injury* compensation solicitors to be thorough and to keep you up to date with your case, whether it is assisting you with compiling the most comprehensive application for assessment to the Injuries Board Ireland, negotiating on your behalf with the negligent party’s insurance company or preparing a case for High Court litigation.

Every personal injury* claim is unique – even when the injuries sustained are the same. A personal injury* solicitor in Dublin, therefore, will take into account the way your injuries have affected you from taking part in the leisure and social activities you enjoyed prior to the accident and how the physical trauma has affected you emotionally.

Dublin personal injury* compensation solicitors will also consider the secondary victims of a personal injury*, for example, the husband who has to cease working in order to care for his wife, the mother who must take time off work to collect her children from school or the son who has to reorganise his life to assist an elderly parent who has lost their partner. All of the implications of a personal injury* will be accounted for when you engage a Dublin solicitor with experience in personal injury* claims.

Understanding your Circumstances

A recent Millward Brown survey that was conducted on behalf of the UK Department for Constitutional Affairs produced some statistics pertaining to people’s worries about making a compensation claim which personal injury* solicitors in Dublin found to be of interest.

120 people who had sustained an injury in the previous three years for which they could qualify for personal injury* compensation but had not pursued were interviewed. Included in the top answers for why they failed to claim were that 1) they did not want the hassle they believed would be involved, 2) they did not want to claim against the responsible party, 3) they were concerned they did not have enough proof, 4) they did not believe that anything could be done, 5) they did not know how to make a personal injury* claim.

These concerns are just as applicable in Ireland as they are in the UK and Dublin personal injury* compensation solicitors understand your circumstances and why you may be apprehensive about making a compensation claim. Each reason is a valid concern and should be deliberated with an experienced solicitor so that any worries you have can be dispelled.

Personal Injury* Solicitors in Dublin: Conclusion

If you have been involved in an accident for which you were not to blame and suffered injuries, you should consult with personal injury* solicitors in Dublin at the first practical moment, following the relevant and necessary medical treatment.

Most solicitors offer a free initial consultation and, depending on your circumstances, it may be possible to be reimbursed for any legal fees you do incur in your final compensation settlement. Your solicitor would be able to recommend the best way to move forward with your claim, should it prove to be viable, and would be in a good position to give you an indication of how successful your claim may be and how much compensation you may be likely to receive.