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Restaurant Fall Accident Claim

If you have fallen over in a restaurant and suffered accidental injury through no fault of your own, there may be grounds to claim for restaurant fall compensation.

Falls in restaurants can be attributed to food or liquids spilt on the floor and not cleaned up in a reasonable amount of time, obstructions to access in the restaurant or an uneven floor surface. Accidents leading to claims for restaurant fall compensation may happen outside of the restaurant as well – on poorly lit steps or when the car parking area is in a state of ill repair. Irrespective of the where the accident occurred, where there is evidence of negligence on behalf of the restaurant premises, you are entitled to claim for restaurant fall compensation.

Your primary consideration however, must be that of your health. Falls may often result in damaged limbs or bad cuts, and these should be seen to straight away by a competent medic. Even when the restaurant has first aid facilities, it is advisable to attend a hospital and have an x-ray taken of any injury to prevent any long-term consequences to your health. Only once you have had medical treatment administered, should you consider speaking with an injury claims solicitor in respect of claiming for restaurant fall compensation.

Making a Claim for Restaurant Fall Compensation

The potential for bad publicity often encourages the proprietor of the restaurant, or their insurance company, to approach victims of accidents on their premises soon after the incident has happened. However generous their offer of recompense may appear, you must remember that these people are in business to make money and will not be giving it away freely. Therefore, if you have any concerns that the amount of restaurant fall compensation being offered is inadequate for the trauma you have suffered, you should speak with a specialist injury claims solicitor at the earliest possible opportunity.

The solicitors working on our team have experience in the long term health consequences that can happen as the result of a fall, and we have established a free advice telephone serviceto enable you to speak in complete confidence with them about your accident. Not only will they offer free and impartial advice, if the restaurant has already offered an amount of restaurant fall compensation, our solicitor will be able to advise you if they consider it to be an adequate amount.

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What can I expect?

When you call our free advice telephone service, you will be transferred to a solicitor experienced in claims for restaurant fall compensation. They will talk with you about the circumstances of your accident and determine if there is a case of negligence on the part of the restaurant proprietor.

If it is clear there is the potential for a claim for restaurant fall compensation, our solicitor will advise you of the procedures involved, any costs that may be incurred and the length of time that your case may take to resolve.

If you are happy to proceed – and no pressure will be put on you to do so – our solicitor will explain in greater depth what has to be done in order to get the ball rolling. We understand that you may still be in shock as a result of your accident, so all our advice is offered clearly in plain English.

In conclusion, you may or may not be entitled to make a restaurant fall claim for compensation, but in order to find out more information, please call our free advice line today.

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