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Slips and Trips

Trips and slips in Ireland are one of the most commonly recorded incidents. In the vast majority of cases the fall and subsequent injury happen due to the actions of the injured party. However, in some cases accidents like this happen due to negligence of another party who owed the victim a duty of care.

If you decide to begin a legal action for compensation in relation to slips and trips your first port of call will be the Injuries Board Ireland. It is advisable to contact a solicitor experienced with these types of claims. A legal expert can guide you through the completion and submission of the application for assessment (Form A). Seeking guidance like this is important there is a danger you could leave out omit an important element which affects how much final figure of compensation for slip and trips that you receive.

Once the Injuries Board Ireland completes its evaluation of your claim, you will be sent a Notice of Assessment which – if both you and the negligent party are happy with the amount assessed – will be followed by an Order to Pay. If it happens that either party feel the Assessment is too high or too low, or consent be declined at the start of your assessment, the Injuries Board will send you an authorisation to take your slips and trips compensation claim to the court.

Your solicitor will also directly contact the insurance company of the party responsible for your injury to try and to negotiate a settlement of your slips and trips and falls claim while the Injuries Board completes its evaluation process. If this is successful and you are happy with the figure that the insurance company offers the Injuries Board will be advised, and your application for compensation assessment will be cancelled.

If you have any further questions about slips and trips compensation claims you should look into them as soon as you can so that witnesses will still have a clear version of events in their head and prior to any necessary evidence being removed from the scene of the accident.

Solicitors in Ireland can sometimes offer a free initial assessment of your slips and trips compensation claim. This can incorporate answering all questions that you may have.