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Compensation Claims for Slips Trips and Falls

Compensation claims for slips trips and falls are the leading reason for pedestrians making personal injury claims in Ireland, and claims for slips trips and falls in the workplace frequently result in successful employer liability claims being made. If you have slipped on a wet floor or spillage in a supermarket, have tripped over a hazard and sustained an Slips Trips and Falls, or you have fallen in the street due to faulty repair work, you may be eligible to claim compensation for your injuries.

If you sustained an injury in the workplace from a slip, trip or fall, you may be entitled to make employer liability claims for compensation if your employer has been negligent regarding the health and safety of his employees. Public liability claims for slips trips and falls are also possible against shops, supermarkets and other authorities with responsibility for safety in places of public access; provided that a third party failed in a duty of care to you, and placed you at excessive risk of becoming injured.

Shops and supermarkets must be free from hazards and safe to use, and pavements and public walkways must be kept in a good state of repair. If slips trips and falls occur due to maintenance not being completed correctly or quickly, or when floors have been left wet without warning signs alerting the danger and someone is injured, it is classed as negligence and a failure in a duty of care. The negligent third party will therefore be liable for damages in claims for compensation for slips trips and falls.

What is a Duty of Care?

A duty of care means that a third party had a legal responsibility to take steps to prevent you coming to harm. If that third party has failed to adhere to their responsibility and their duty of care was breached, then claims for compensation can be made for negligence.

A duty of care exists to ensure that pavements are maintained and that cracks and loose slabs are repaired within a reasonable period of time, a shop has a duty of care to ensure that the premises are safe for visitors, and any area open to the public will have a duty of care to ensure your personal safety is not at risk.

Slips trips and falls are an unfortunate fact of life. Personal injuries are often sustained in slips trips and falls for which no one is to blame. However when slips trips and falls are caused by the negligence of others then compensation can be claimed for any injuries which have been sustained for a failure in a duty of care.

Accidents and Reporting of Slips Trips and Falls

You must always visit a doctor or emergency room to be assessed for any injuries after slips, trips and falls, even if you do not appear to have sustained a major injury. By having a thorough assessment you will be able to determine the extent of any injuries and will ensure that you receive the correct treatment. Your injuries will also be documented in your medical records, and these will be used as proof of injury by a personal injury claims solicitor should a claim for compensation be made.

Slips trips and falls are rarely a matter for the Garda to become involved with, so a Garda report does not need to be made unless a highly serious injury or fatality has occurred, or a criminal activity is suspected. However, your employer will have an accident report book to record accidents and injuries in the workplace and accidents in shops and on public transport would similarly need a report to be documented in the relevant accident book.

What is a Personal Injury Claim Solicitor?

A personal injury claim solicitor is a specialist solicitor who makes personal injury claims for compensation. Compensation law can be highly complex, and having an experienced solicitor pursue a claim will ensure that injuries are thoroughly assessed and the strongest possible claim is put forward to the Injuries Board Ireland. A personal injury claim solicitor will be well aware of the tactics that the defence may use to limit compensation for slips, trips and falls, and will fight for a claimant’s right to claim their full entitlement to personal injury compensation.

Personal Injury Compensation Claims for Slips, Trips and Falls

Claiming compensation for pain and suffering and for loss of earnings are often the major reasons for making personal injury compensation claims. Slips, trips and falls can result in broken bones and even lifelong health problems, with back pain often plaguing a slip trip or fall victim for many years after the accident. Claims for loss of earnings can be considerable when slips trips and falls have caused a permanent injury, and any financial costs associated with medical treatment, physiotherapy and rehabilitation will also be added to a claim for slips, trips and falls compensation.

Claiming loss of earnings compensation for slips trips and falls is done with a claim for special damages. Claims for special damages are made to ensure that a victim does not have to suffer financially due to a personal injury which was not their fault. Claims for loss of earnings are awarded as special damages, alongside any expenses incurred – or expected to be incurred – attributable to the injury which was sustained.

A claim for loss of earnings for lost job opportunities is also possible, although this would be covered under a claim for general damages. General damages will also deal with any other loss of amenity, in addition to providing recompense for pain and suffering in a slips trips and falls claim for compensation.

Legal Advice on Claims for Slips, Trips and Falls

For a professional assessment of a personal injury claim for slips trips and falls, and to find out if you are eligible to claim personal injury compensation, please call our legal claims helpline for advice. Your call will be answered by a solicitor who will listen to the details of your case, and advise you whether you have a claim for slips trips and falls compensation which it is worth your while to pursue.

If you are unable to call right now, please take advantage of our free call back service by completing the call back request form below. One of our solicitors will be in touch at the requested time to speak with you about a potential claim for compensation for slips trips and falls in Ireland.