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Supermarket Accidents

Proving negligence in supermarket accidents following after you sustain a serious injury can often be difficult.

If you fell in the supermarket on a greasy floor it is extremely likely that it will have been cleaned up very quickly after the accident occurred. So, unless there were witnesses you can contact it may prove troublesome for you to establish liability in your supermarket accident compensation claim.

In most of the major supermarkets, including Tesco, Dunnes Store, SuperValue or Superquinn, then there should be CCTV cameras recording the events in the supermarket. At the very least the footage will show a number of other individuals falling the same vicinity which will show that determining that a hazard was present when the accident occurred.

You should have been in a position to have professional medical attention for the injuries that you sustained in your Supermarket accident. First Aid in sufficient as you should be tending to your injury in order to make a full recovery as soon as possible. Following this you should consult with a solicitor experienced with making supermarket injury compensation claim as soon as you can. If it appears that the supermarket is going to contest your personal injury claim, it is important that a solicitor can view the supermarket CCTV prior to them being wiped.

The Injuries Board Ireland, if you opt to pursue your supermarket injury claim through them, will first send a letter to the supermarket enquiring if they will give permission for the Injuries Board to review your personal injury claim. It could take the supermarket management 90 days to respond and refuse to accept liability, by which time any proof of their negligence could be untraceable.

Due to this it is vitally important that you speak with a solicitor in relation to your claim for supermarket injury compensation as soon as possible and advise them of the haste that may be required to prove that the supermarket behave in a negligent manner. It would be advisable for you to record a diary details how your supermarket injury prevents you from achieving everyday tasks and enjoying social or leisure activity in order that how much compensation for a supermarket injury you receive adequately reflects the effect impact that your injury has made to your quality of life.