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Supermarket Injuries*

Supermarket injuries can happen to shop workers and shoppers alike, and can be caused by slippery floors, items falling from shelves or – for shop workers in particular – lifting and carrying heavy goods in the supermarket warehouse. In all these instances, the accidents that cause these injuries can be prevented by adequate training, supervision and the provision of protective equipment. Where it can be proven that the supermarket management has been negligent in providing these items, and you are injured in an accident for which you are not to blame, you are entitled to make a supermarket injury compensation claim.

Claims for supermarket injury compensation should take second place to ensuring that you do not have any long term health issues, and you should visit your family doctor or the accident and emergency department of your local hospital to have your injuries seen to as soon as your accident happens. Even when you believe that you have nothing major wrong with you, it is always in your best interests to have a precautionary examination and the fact that you visited your medical practitioner will be reported in your medical notes which will be used to support your claim for supermarket injury compensation.

Making a Supermarket Injury Compensation Claim

When you are making a supermarket injury compensation claim, along with the relevant medical notes you will asked to submit a copy of the supermarket´s “Accident Report Book” that contains an entry regarding your accident. Irrespective of the severity of your supermarket injury, you should always consult with a solicitor before completing the application form to the Injuries Board Ireland, as the area in which to claim “special” damages in the supermarket injury claim is inappropriate for the amount of information that may have to be included. A solicitor will advise you on how to appropriately claim for any out-of-pocket expenses, or can take over the responsibility for submitting the application on your behalf.

A solicitor is also the best person to advise you if the supermarket declines to acknowledge liability for your supermarket injury, or claims that you contributed to your injuries by your own negligent actions. Furthermore, if the Injury Board Ireland issues an assessment of your supermarket injury claim which is unacceptable to you or the supermarket, your solicitor will be able to negotiate with the insurance company representing the supermarket to ensure that you receive a fair and adequate compensation amount for your supermarket injury claim.

Professional Supermarket Injury Compensation Advice

The above are just a handful of reasons why more than 90% of claimants use an experienced personal injury claims solicitor when making a supermarket injury compensation claim to the Injuries Board Ireland. If you would like to find out more about the services that can be offered to you by a solicitor when you have sustained an injury in a supermarket accident, whether you are a shop worker or a shopper you are invited to call our legal claims advice helpline. This will enable you to speak directly with an experienced solicitor who will answer any questions you may have about a supermarket injury claim, and provide some helpful and accurate advice.

All calls to our service are confidential and, if you are claiming as a shop worker, no approaches will be made to your employer at this stage. Once you have spoken with us, there is no obligation on you to proceed with a claim for supermarket injury compensation and no pressure will be put on you to do so.

Our lines are open twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, and we also operate a call-back service if now is not a convenient time to call. Simply leave your contact details in the form and one of our team will be back in touch with you.

Our Promise to You:

  • 100% One-to-one consultation with an experienced solicitor
  • 100% Helpful and practical advice
  • 100% Clear accurate information in plain English
  • 100% No obligation to proceed with a supermarket injury claim

What to Expect When You Call

When you call our legal claims advice helpline, you will be speaking directly with an experienced solicitor familiar with the types of supermarket injuries that can be sustained and their consequences.

We will listen carefully as you tell us the circumstances surrounding your accident, what injuries were sustained and what medical treatment you received for them.

We will try, wherever possible, to make a preliminary assessment of your supermarket injury claim, advise you whether you have a case worth your while to pursue and give you an indication of the supermarket injury compensation amount we would expect you to receive.

You are welcome to ask any questions that you feel are relevant at any point during our discussion.

At the end of our conversation, we will give you a summary of what we have talked about and a list of options for you to consider. You do not have to act on any of our suggestions, and many of our clients have found it of value to have a little time to consider their options. You may even feel inclined to call us back at a later stage with further questions you have thought of.

Your first action however should be to call our legal claims advice helpline at your earliest convenience. With the number of various issues that can arise in a claim of this nature, you should not run the risk of having your claim time-barred due to unforeseen delays. Call today, or leave your details in the box at the foot of the page and we will get back in touch with you.