Surgical Error*

A surgical error claim can be made in Ireland when a surgeon or nurse has committed an error which has resulted in a patient being injured.

In order to make a successful surgical error claim in Ireland, it is necessary to prove ‘on the balance of probabilities’ that the actions or omissions of a surgeon or operating theatre nurse were negligent and that the negligence has caused a patient to come to harm. A surgical error claim for compensation must also demonstrate that if proper care was taken, an injury could have been avoided.

In order to prove medical negligence in a surgical error claim, medical experts must be consulted to give their professional opinion about the circumstances which led to an injury being sustained and whether a competent medical professional should have avoided an injury being sustained, either by taking greater care or an alternative course of action.

An experienced medical negligence solicitor would arrange for the best medical experts to assess a surgical error claim for compensation, and would help a victim of a surgical error claim compensation for any injuries which were sustained.

Compensation for Surgical Complications

Surgical complications can arise in any surgical procedure and, in many cases, such surgical complications can neither be predicted nor avoided. In the majority of cases when surgical complications arise, surgeons are able to respond quickly to the problems and will take the necessary steps to avoid injuries being sustained or harm coming to a patient. However when surgical complications are caused by a surgeon or nurse’s actions, such as by poor technique or incompetence, any resultant injury can result in a successful claim for surgical complications compensation.

Compensation for Unnecessary Surgery

Undergoing a surgical procedure always involves a risk to a patient, no matter how minor the surgery. When a surgical procedure is prescribed and it proves to be unnecessary, and a patient could have successfully been treated with non invasive procedures, it could amount to medical negligence as a patient would have been placed at an unnecessary risk. Unnecessary surgery can be classed as a personal injury, and compensation for unnecessary surgery can often be claimed.

Compensation for Wrong Site Surgery

Wrong site surgery is one of the serious cases of clinical malpractice which can occur in a hospital, and can have devastating consequences for the victim. In the case of an incorrect organ being removed, a patient will be required to be placed on the transplant waiting list; causing a life threatening delay to treatment and much unnecessary suffering. A surgical error claim for such gross clinical malpractice will undoubtedly be successful; however no amount of compensation for wrong site surgery will ever make up for such a serious surgical error.

Compensation for Anaesthesia Error

A general anaesthetic is considered to only involve a low risk to a patient; however mistakes made in administering a general anaesthetic can and do occur. Anaesthesia error is a highly serious example of clinical malpractice, is one which can be particularly traumatic for victims and frequently results in a successful surgical error claim being made. A surgical error claim for anaesthesia error can be made when the anaesthesia error has caused a patient to come to harm and can include a claim for mental health problems which develop as a direct result.

Professional and Impartial Surgical Error Claim Advice

Making a surgical error claim for compensation in Ireland has potential to become highly complex, and the best legal advice must always be sought. In order to make a surgical error claim as easy as possible for you, we recommend calling our medical negligence claims helpline for advice.

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