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Taxi Accidents*

Taxis in Ireland are registered as “Small Public Service Vehicles” and as such have a duty and responsibility to care for their passengers. If you are ever involved in an accident whilst travelling in a taxi, you have the same entitlement to make a taxi injury compensation claim as you would have if you sustained an injury on a bus.

Although registered taxi drivers are experienced and skilled motorists, the nature of their job means that they may be driving for long periods of time without a break and can suffer driver fatigue. Their tiredness may lead to slower reactions and decreased awareness, and as they spend longer driving on the roads than regular motorists, they are more likely to be involved in an accident and find a taxi injury compensation claim against them.

Your first consideration when involved in a taxi accident has to be for your health. As taxi passengers tend to be more relaxed in a taxi than in a car, your awareness of what is going on around you is more casual and therefore if an accident is about to happen, your body does not automatically brace against impact. Consequently, you are more likely to make a taxi injury compensation claim for a whiplash related injury than any other ailment.

Making a Taxi Injury Compensation Claim

Prior to making a taxi injury compensation claim – particularly with whiplash related injuries – it is important that you seek medical attention. No amount of money can compensate for a long term health issue that could have been prevented with timely treatment and your attendance at a doctor´s surgery or hospital will be recorded on your medical records – which in turn will be valuable in supporting your taxi injury compensation claim. You also need to be aware that you may be entitled to more than compensation solely for the injuries you received, as long term medical treatment and the potential loss of earnings are also the responsibility of the negligent party.

Therefore, it is always advisable when considering a taxi injury compensation claim to speak with an experienced personal injury claims solicitor. Hopefully, your injuries will be a once in a lifetime experience, however our solicitors have to deal with incidents like these on an almost daily basis and will be in the best position to advise you or what you can claim.

In order to make it easy to get this helpful advice, we have opened up a legal claims advice helpline that you are welcome to call and speak with one of our solicitors. You will find that they offer impartial and practical advice without obligation and in complete confidentiality. Call us now or if you cannot speak now please fill in the form below and we will call you back.

Our Promise to You:

  • 100% The advice we offer is relevant to your individual circumstances
  • 100% It is accurate and up-to-date
  • 100% There is no pressure on you to proceed with a claim
  • 100% Our solicitors are sensitive and understanding in delicate situations

What You Can Expect to Happen?

Your call to us about a taxi injury compensation claim will be taken by a solicitor familiar with all manner of road traffic accidents, who will ask you to describe the circumstances surrounding you accident, how bad your injuries were and what treatment you are currently receiving. We know that a vehicle accident of any kind is a harrowing and traumatic experience and you are treated sympathetically and courteously at all times.

No doubt, you will have a number of questions for us as well, and you are more than welcome to ask as many as you wish. Sometimes it is better to call us with a list of questions in front of you, and often our answers will lead to further questions. If there is anything you do not understand, please ask us to explain it again. It is better that everybody is on the same page!

Our solicitor will make an assessment of your accident and your injuries and let you know whether you have a case for a taxi injury compensation claim which is worth your while to pursue. They will also give you a number of options, which you do not have to act upon immediately (if at all), but at least you will know where you stand.

If you choose to proceed with a claim, we will guide you through all the procedures and prepare a comprehensive case for your taxi injury compensation claim to ensure that you receive a fair and adequate settlement.

Before we can do that however, you will have to pick up the phone and give us a call.

If it is not convenient right now (or you have not prepared that list of questions) complete your details in our call-back form below, and one of our team will give you a ring when you are ready and have more time to talk.