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Tennis Elbow Injury Claims

Can people make tennis elbow injury claims against their employer if the injury stemmed from manual labour?

Suffers of tennis elbow may be able to make tennis elbow injury claims but their eligibility depends on their individual circumstances. If the person in question does not play tennis or does not otherwise partake in recreational activities that can lead to a tennis elbow injury, their ailment may be found to be associated with their work environment and duties.

All employers have a legal duty of care to provide a safe work environment for their staff and the duties that their employees perform must also be safe. An employer is also required to perform regular risk assessments and should ensure that their staff receives proper training on how to correctly handle objects to reduce the threat of repetitive strain injury. If a person’s employer has demonstrated negligence, a claim for tennis elbow compensation may be made against him or her.
Tennis elbow injury claims can also be made if a person’s condition is partly attributable to an activity separate from work, although the settlement may be lower than what it would have been if that person did not contribute to their tennis elbow injury in some way.

Individuals wishing to make tennis elbow injury claims should show that they are being treated for their injuries by a professional medical practitioner as the notes made in their medical history could be used to support their compensation claim, and their medical prognosis will assist in establishing the value of their claim.

It is imperative, that all prospective plaintiffs speak with a solicitor before pursuing tennis elbow injury claims. A solicitor would be able to proceed with a tennis injury compensation claim against their employer in a delicate manner to ensure that risk of conflict is kept to a minimum – after they assess their client’s claim to determine its validity.