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Truck Accidents

Truck accidents are historically more likely to happen outside of urban areas according to statistics published by the Road Safety Authority. These truck accidents also more likely to involve a car or smaller vehicle, and on many occasions the truck accident was caused by the driver of the truck trying to avoid collision with another vehicle following their dangerous or careless manoeuvre.

As the number of trucks on our roads has increased, so has the number of truck accidents – in fact, truck accidents resulting in deaths and serious injuries are the only category of road user showing a growth in number over the past ten years.

As many drivers involved in truck accidents are working middle-aged men with families to support, the consequences of being injured in truck accidents can be severe. Not only does this mean that the truck driver may be temporarily unable to work, but long term health and psychological issues may prevent him from being able to return to the cab of his truck once the immediate physical injuries are healed.  Therefore, truck accidents can lead to a permanent loss of earnings and ongoing medical expenses and it is important that if you are a driver who has been involved in one of Ireland´s truck accidents, you seek proper legal representation.

Making a Claim for Truck Accidents

Because of the potential effect on earnings that truck accidents can have, it is essential that you do not accept an offer of early settlement from the liable drivers´ insurance company. These companies know well what the ongoing consequences of truck accidents are and, although the promise of an immediate cash settlement may be attractive, it is important that you receive a fair and adequate settlement which not only compensates for the physical trauma you may have suffered, but also covers the cost of providing for your family while you cannot work and any costs associated with therapy to enable you to drive a truck once more.

In order that you can get clear and practical advice on the best course of action to follow, we have established a claims advice telephone service, which you are welcome to ring and speak with an experienced personal injury claims solicitor.

You can discuss the accident and its consequences with us, find out if an offer of compensation is appropriate and use our advice to determine what the best thing to do is for you and your family. There is no obligation to proceed with a claim once you have spoken with a solicitor and all our advice is offered in total confidentiality.

Call us now or if you cannot speak now please fill in the form below and we will call you back.

For many people involved in truck accidents, it is the scenario that they dread and the psychological impact as much as the physical one may leave you shaken and distressed. We find that many men who were once confident road users, lose some of their self-assurance after truck accidents and may find the idea of speaking with a solicitor difficult to come to terms with. Please be assured that our solicitors are only here to listen to your experience and help you recover from it as much as possible.

Therefore, you will find our service both friendly and practical. Our solicitors will ask you to tell them what happened in your accident, what injuries you sustained and what treatment, if any, you are undergoing at the moment. It will also help to know what financial impact the accident has had on your life in order that we can compile as comprehensive a case for you as possible.

We should be able to give you an initial assessment regarding the viability of making a truck accidents claim for compensation – how worthwhile it is for you to pursue and how long the process will take. You are under no obligation to take our advice, but if you do choose to proceed with a claim for compensation, we will already be halfway there.

Your next step should be to use our claims advice telephone service to speak with a personal injury claims solicitor.

The advice you are provided with may be invaluable to you and could lead to a more secure future for you and your family. If now is not a convenient time, please leave your contact details in the box below, and one of our team will call you back at a more suitable time.