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Whiplash Injuries Guide*

Important Advice about Whiplash Injury Compensation Claims

Whiplash injury compensation claims account for the most frequently submitted claims to the Injuries Board Ireland for assessment of personal injury compensation, yet more than 90% of claimants choose to engage personal injury solicitors when making claims for whiplash injury compensation. There are three main reasons for this:-

  • To ensure that a claimant receives the maximum whiplash injury compensation settlement
  • To avoid the risk of accepting an inappropriate settlement from an insurance company
  • For assistance with the whiplash injury compensation claims procedure

Claiming the Full Whiplash Injury Compensation Settlement

The Injuries Board Ireland assesses claims for whiplash injury compensation on the basis of a medical examination, with little consideration of what consequences an injury may make to the claimant´s quality of life. Therefore, if a whiplash injury prevents a claimant from pursuing their regular day-to-day activities, it is possible that they may not be fully compensated for their “loss of amenity” or the deterioration in their quality of life.

Many people suffer some form of psychological injury following a physical trauma. Whether it is directly related to the accident in which a claimant has sustained their whiplash injury or comes as a result of their loss of amenity in the form of depression, this is still an element which has to be considered in whiplash injury compensation claims. Whiplash injury claims should also include every financial cost that has been incurred by the claimant so that they are no worse off financially than if the accident had never occurred.

Insurance Companies and Whiplash Injury Compensation Settlements

One of the first processes when making whiplash injury compensation claims is the exchange of insurance details with the person responsible for causing your injury. He or she will have passed those details on to their insurers, and it is becoming increasingly common for the negligent party´s insurance company to approach whiplash injury victims direct with an offer of whiplash injury compensation — often before the injured claimant has even considered whether they are going to make a claim for whiplash injury compensation.

These offers have been prepared without any assessment of the injuries sustained or the consequences that a whiplash injury may have to the victim´s quality of life. They are presented in such a way as to suggest that they are saving the victim time and money by eliminating the need to make a claim for whiplash injury compensation, but they are in truth saving the insurance company from having to make an adequate whiplash injury compensation settlement.

Assistance with the Whiplash Injury Compensation Claims Procedure

The process for applying to the Injuries Board Ireland for an assessment of a whiplash injury claim is not necessarily complicated, and can be processed online should a claimant have access to a computer, scanner and printer. However, the application form is a standard “one-size-fits-all” claim with little opportunity to include additional elements of a whiplash injury claim.

As no two claims for whiplash injury compensation are identical, the application should be completed comprehensively as possible — something which may be daunting to a claimant with no experience of making whiplash injury compensation claims and where the slightest error may delay or reduce how much whiplash injury compensation the claimant receives. It is because of this risk alone that many people choose to make whiplash injury compensation claims with the assistance of a qualified solicitor.

Speak to a Solicitor about Whiplash Injury Complication Claims

If you have sustained a whiplash injury in an accident for which you were not to blame, you are invited to call our free injury claims advice service. Our solicitors are very experienced in assisting claimants apply for and receive their full entitlement to whiplash injury compensation in the shortest possible time. Although we cannot speed up the Injuries Board Ireland´s processing procedures, we can negotiate on your behalf with the negligent driver´s insurance company to attain the maximum whiplash injury compensation settlement — often before the Injuries Board has made its assessment.

We can also assist with claims which are less than straightforward; such as those where liability is disputed, where a claim for whiplash injury compensation forms part of a larger injury compensation claim and those involving children suffering from whiplash injuries. Even if you have already submitted your application to the Injuries Board Ireland or been approached by the negligent party´s insurance company, it is not too late to call our  injury claims advice service and speak directly with one of solicitors.

All calls to our free injury claims advice service are naturally confidential, and there is no pressure on you to proceed with a claim for whiplash injury compensation once you have spoken with us. We will simply offer you helpful and practical advice about your entitlement to whiplash injury compensation in plain English and with a professional and dedicated service.