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Working at Height Accidents

If you have experienced a working at height injury and would like to claim personal injury compensation then there are a number of things that you should be aware of.

Irish people are often wary about making work injury compensation \as they are afraid of losing their jobs or because they might ruin the relationship that they have with their employer. Although compensation legislation protects people who are injured at work from being penalised or threatened with being fired for pursuing work injury claims, it does not always prevent an awkward workplace confrontation from occurring, or the possibility of having no job to go back to.

The majority of employers will be genuinely upset that a member of the staff has been injured due to their neglect, but even though they will be sorry that you or a loved one have experienced a physical trauma caused by their negligence, they will not be looking forward to a local authority safety inspection that follows a working at height accident. You should remember that any injury at work compensation settlement is paid by your employer’s public liability insurance company, so you should not be worried about your co-worker suffering financially due to making a working at height injury claim.

Making Working at Height Accident Injury Compensation Claims

You should aim to make your as strong as possible as it may eventually be litigated in court. In order to do this, you should collect as much evidence as possible to back up your personal injury at work claim. Take as many relevant photographs as you can, set up early engineering inspections, liaise with co-worker to ascertain if they are aware of injuries similar to yours happening previously and submit the application form to the Injuries Board.

In a lot of cases, an insurance companies may approach you seeking to settle the case as soon as possible. Luckily this points to the fact that they are concerned that you will be in a position to prove that indisputable negligence by your employer occurred. If this is the case then you may be in a position to gain the maximum entitlement of work injury compensation. Most working at height injury solicitors will seek to give their clients with a quick resolution to their claim in order than they can focus on recuperating from their injuries.

If it is the case that you, or a family member, has experienced a working at height injury, which you believe may have been caused due to your employer’s negligence, you should speak with a work injury solicitor experienced in making claims like this. They will be able to give you helpful and unbiased advice. You will not be put under pressure to proceed with a working at height injury claim during a consultation.