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Guide to Claiming For Children

If your child has the misfortune to be involved in an accident that causes them injury, before even thinking about making a children accident compensation claim be sure to get them checked out at a hospital immediately. Their safety is of paramount importance so report to the casualty department of your nearest hospital or at the very least make an emergency appointment with your doctor, as sometimes even innocuous children accidents can often result in serious injury.

By doing this, you are ensuring peace of mind and a guarantee that your child is receiving the very best treatment possible even if you are not seeking children accident compensation. If you do decide to make a claim however, your child’s attendance at the hospital will be included in their medical records and will be vital in any children accident compensation claim. You can also assist your child when the time comes to record their injuries for the purpose of making an accident claim.

How to bring a Children’s Accident Compensation Claim

The Irish legal system is designed to protect the rights of the child when it comes to children accident compensation claims. A court of the appropriate jurisdiction must give its approval of any settlement offer made by an insurer in a case involving a minor.

Depending on the nature of a children accident compensation claim, it may have to be submitted to the Injuries Board as a first step. Even if you accept your child’s accident compensation settlement, you will still need to have it approved in court. Our solicitors will advise you whether your child’s settlement offer is acceptable or not.

If you are considering making a children accident compensation claim, you can contact one of our team of experienced solicitors by calling our free advice line. You are under no obligation to proceed for this service.

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Children’s Compensation Claims and the Statute of Limitations

It should also be noted that under the Statute of Limitations in Ireland, your child will be able to make any children accident claim for up to two years after their eighteenth birthday although the sooner you make the claim the better chance you have of receiving the full amount of compensation you are rightfully entitled to.

Many children accident claims arise thought public liability. Essentially, if an accident is caused through faulty public property then you have a very good children accident compensation claim.

Irrespective of the type of claim, our solicitors have vast experience when it comes to dealing with children accident compensation claims and will give you expert advice as and when you need it.

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