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Guide to Claiming For Children

If your child has the misfortune to be involved in an accident that causes them injury, before even thinking about making a children accident compensation claim be sure to get them checked out at a hospital immediately. Their safety is of paramount importance so report to the casualty department of …

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School Accidents*

Children can be involved in a school accident at any time throughout their school careers, and the complicated process of claiming appropriate school accident compensation can be daunting for parents. It is important, however, because not only should your child be compensated, but bringing an accident claim helps ensure the …

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Playground Accidents*

If your child has suffered from a playground accident, and you feel that there is a reasonable cause to pursue a playground accident compensation claim, your first priority should still be to ensure the health and safety of your child. Depending on the scale of the injury, you should call …

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Birth Injuries* Guide

There are a multitude of reasons why complications can occur during the birth of your child – some of them natural, others not so.¬†Many birth injuries are prevented by the skills and expertise of the medical staff attending the delivery of your child. But sometimes the health of both the …

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