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School Accidents*

Children can be involved in a school accident at any time throughout their school careers, and the complicated process of claiming appropriate school accident compensation can be daunting for parents. It is important, however, because not only should your child be compensated, but bringing an accident claim helps ensure the school will take steps to remedy any poor safety measures.

When an accident occurs, it is most important to ensure your child receives prompt medical attention if required, and equally important to have proof that such attention was given. Copies of reports, X-rays, and other documents relating to medical treatment are all imperative when making a school accident claim.

Compensation claims for children are a special case in Irish law

It is important to realise that in Ireland any settlement offer made by an insurance company for a children’s compensation cases must be approved by a court of the appropriate jurisdiction .

A child’s compensation claim, for example, may be paid in full but could be held by the court until the child is of age. So you always need the services of a solicitor for school accident claims.

There are other issues concerned with a school accident claim that require the efficient collation of documentation concerning witnesses; statements of other children and whether they will be held as admissible; the question of neglect on the part of the school; and whether medical evidence supports the severity of the claimed injury.

How to put your mind at ease

Taking your child’s case to a professional accident solicitor who has proven experience with many school accident compensation claims will guarantee all this will be handled efficiently and will put your mind at ease.

As a first step, you can talk to us without obligation on our legal claims advice helpline or if you cannot speak now you can fill in our call back form and we will call you back at a convenient time.

Our Promise:

  • 100% Speak to a specialist school accident compensation solicitor
  • 100% No obligation to pursue a claim for compensation
  • 100% A helpful and courteous service
  • 100% Impartial & accurate advice without legal jargon
  • 100% No pressure to proceed before you are ready

What can I expect from my consultation?

We are interested and concerned about your child’s experience and want to hear the exact details of the events that led you to call on us. Your interview will be completely confidential.

You will be asked about any injuries your child sustained and also about any emotional issues that have arisen as a result of a school accident and will conclude with our assessing whether we can recommend an application for school accident compensation.

An indication will also be given of the level of compensation likely should your claim be successful.

Call us or fill in our contact form to request we call you back.

Your interview will end with a suggestion as to what to do next, for example, to either start proceedings, or to close any liaison with school authorities that might have already taken place.