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Rail Accidents*

A rail accident compensation claim will arise when you have been injured on a train or tram due to a lack of care or mechanical error. The fault may not necessary lie with Iarnród Éireann as the majority of collisions involving trains are with large animals that have strayed onto railway lines and with the exception of the LUAS/O´Connell Street accident in 2009, very few injuries sustained on trams are directly attributable to train driver error.

Most injuries sustained on trains are acquired by having a hand or foot trapped in a closing door – injuries which are usually classified as minor in terms of a rail accident compensation claim.

A rail accident compensation claim is more likely to be generated from an accident which occurs to passengers not on a train than actually travelling. A slips or a fall at a station due to icy conditions or poorly maintained platforms is the leading reason for a rail accident compensation claim over the past ten years (according to the Railway Safety Commission Report 2009), with a most serious rail accident compensation claim will result from a fall between a train and platform when attempting to board or alight from a train.

Advice issued by the Railway Safety Commission recommends that in the event that you are involved in, or witness, an accident, you contact a member of the railway operator´s staff immediately. If you cannot contact a member of staff, you should contact a member of An Garda Síochána.

Making a Rail Accident Compensation Claim

If you have been hurt in an incident on the railway that was not entirely your fault, you should be able make a rail accident compensation claim. You first concern naturally should be having your injuries examined and treated, and thereafter you should seek the advice of an experienced personal injury claims solicitor.

Passengers who have reason to make a rail accident compensation claim frequently choose not to when they feel their injuries were partly their fault, however should you not be able to walk because you have twisted an ankle on an icy platform or be able to tend to your children because of strained wrist caused by trapping it in a train door, wherever there is evidence of contributory negligence, you are entitled to make a rail accident compensation claim.

Because there are so many “ifs, buts and maybes”, we have established a legal claims advice helpline,which you are welcome to call and discuss your entitlement to a rail accident compensation claim with a personal injury solicitor with many years experience in such matters. There is no obligation on you to proceed with a rail accident compensation claim if you choose not to.

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Our Promise to You:

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What You Can Expect?

We recognise that many people may feel embarrassed about involving a solicitor when they have suffered a minor injury, but our years of experience have taught us that when victims leave their injuries untended and fail to follow up on what they are rightfully entitled to, the consequences can create hardship and misery. Therefore you will find our solicitors as equally attentive and helpful as you would if you had been involved in something far more major.

Our solicitor will ask you to relate how you acquired your injuries, where you feel that there may be a liable party and make an assessment as to whether there is a case for a rail accident compensation claim that is worth your while to pursue. You are free to ask any questions you feel are relevant, and although we try to provide our advice in as clear English as possible, if there is something you do not quite understand, please do not hesitate to ask.

You will be given a selection of options that are available to you. You do not have to pursue any of them, but should you choose to proceed with a rail accident compensation claim, our solicitor will be able to guide you through the procedures that you will be involved in, give you an estimate of the length of time the rail accident compensation claim should take and a general idea of what level of compensation you should receive.

The Statute of Limitations allows you up to two years to make a rail accident compensation claim, but do not leave it until the last minute to find out what you may be entitled to. Call us today, or leave your contact details in our call-back form and one of our team will get back in touch with you