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Other Types of Claims

Injuries Board Claims*

The Aim of The Injuries Board The aim of the Injuries Board, an independent government body which was founded under the Personal Injury Assessment Board (PIAB) Act of 2003, is to (1) shorten the time it takes to complete personal injury claims in Ireland and (2) to minimise the amount …

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Nursing Home Negligence*

Nursing Home Negligence is an umbrella term to cover the many “lack of care” issues that can lead to an injury or death whilst a person is in the care of a nursing home. Negligence should not be confused with abuse. Nursing home negligence has more to do with a …

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Restaurant Food Poisoning*

Restaurant accident compensation claims are normally related to restaurant accidents sustained through a “breach of care” – usually referred to as negligence – and relate to food spillages, poorly maintained equipment and unlit or obstructed passageways. However, food poisoning can also come under the heading of breach of care if …

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Asbestos Claims*

Asbestos injury compensation claims have been made against companies that used asbestos in their manufacturing process or in their buildings ever since the link between exposure to asbestos and diseases such as asbestosis and mesothelioma was first acknowledged. Nonetheless, making an asbestos injury compensation claim is far from simple due …

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Rail Accidents*

A rail accident compensation claim will arise when you have been injured on a train or tram due to a lack of care or mechanical error. The fault may not necessary lie with Iarnród Éireann as the majority of collisions involving trains are with large animals that have strayed onto …

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Claim Guide for Tourists*

Can a tourist in Ireland claim for a personal injury while in Ireland or should the claim be made when they return home? ‘Can a tourist in Ireland claim for a personal injury’ is a good question to ask, because it provides an opportunity to explain some of the benefits …

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