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Restaurant Food Poisoning*

Restaurant accident compensation claims are normally related to restaurant accidents sustained through a “breach of care” – usually referred to as negligence – and relate to food spillages, poorly maintained equipment and unlit or obstructed passageways. However, food poisoning can also come under the heading of breach of care if food has been stored in an unhygienic location, subsequently causing you to suffer from a bacterial infection.

Seek medical treatment for your restaurant accident

Irrespective of whether your injury is internal or external, your first course of action must be to seek medical opinion, as no level of restaurant accident compensation can make up for the trauma you may have suffered and the potential for lifelong health issues. Once any immediate medical problems have been resolved, it is best to contact a specialist in restaurant accident compensation claims in order to establish who was liable for your restaurant accident and to instigate a restaurant accident claim before any evidence relating to the cause can be removed or repaired – albeit innocently.

Frequently, many people who have suffered a restaurant accident will agree to accept far less than is appropriate for the level of their injury. By waiving the bill for your meal, the restaurateur or building owner may feel that he has compensated you adequately. However, not only may this be interpreted as an admission of liability for your accident in the restaurant but also fails to anticipate any injuries that come to light once you have sought competent medical advice.

How to make a restaurant accident claim

As we are specialists in restaurant accident compensation claims, your next move should be to call our legal claims advice helpline and speak with one of our experienced advisors.

Wherever a liability for your accident can be proven, we will endeavour to quickly arrange for suitable compensation to be made to you relative to the inconvenience or injury you have suffered. Each case we deal with is unique and therefore when you call, we ask that you provide us with as many details of the circumstances as possible.

We offer a 100% Guarantee:

  • 100% Consultation with an experienced accident claim solicitor
  • 100% Impartial & accurate advice without obligation
  • 100% No pressure – just a sympathetic and courteous service
  • 100% A plain English solution to your enquiry

What you can expect

A professional and dedicated member of our team to listen to the circumstances surrounding your restaurant accident.

An honest appraisal of whether you claim is worth pursuing.

A step-by-step guide to the process involved in making your restaurant accident claim.

A realistic expectation of the time the process will take, the likelihood of a successful claim and the amount of compensation we would expect you to receive.

Confidentiality and integrity from all members of our staff at all times.

You have nothing to lose from speaking with one of our experienced injury claims solicitors, so call our legal claims advice helpline today.

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