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City Car Park Accodient Results in Young Athlete Being Awarded €44,000

A prominent young athlete, who ended up walking for the agony of walking for weeks on an undetected broken bone in her right foot, has been awarded almost €44,000 damages in the Circuit Civil Court.

15-year-old Sophia Crawford, Judge John O’Connor was informed by legal counsel, fell in Drury Street Car Park in Dublin in 2016. However, an x-ray of her foot following the accident had not revealed any bone injury. Barrister Breffni Gordon Gordon, who appeared with Murphy Coady Solicitors for the girl, advised the court that a subsequent MRI scan was conducted some time later during a family holiday in Bahrain. This scan indicated that Sophia had a fractured fifth metatarsal in her right foot, the long bone on the outside of the foot that links to the little toe.

Sophia, the court was told, was brought by her father Gerard Crawford to Royal Bahrain Hospital, during the holiday in Bahrain. This was due to fact that she was complaining about additional pain and the fracture was identified.

A medical report by Child Consultant Antoinette D’Alton revealed that Sophia, whose parents reside at Balkill Road, Howth, Co Dublin, had experienced significant pain due to the accident which took place when she tripped on an open drain shore at the Drury Street Car Park.

Sophia took the personal injury compensation action against Park Rite, owners and operators of Drury Street Multi-Storey Car Park in Dublin’s city centre, via her mother Amanda Crawford.

The Judge was informed that Sophia was brought to hospital for medical attention after the accident occurred during April 2016. Despite this, the fracture had not been detected at the time. Mr Gordon said Sophia was a well-known junior athlete and had participated in hockey and tennis for her school and was a keen sailor.

The Personal Injuries Board had reviewed the personal injury car park compensation claim at €43,763 and Sophia’a legal team recommended to the court that this be approved. Judge O’Connor approved the settlement with costs.