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High Court Action Settled for €58,000 for Schoolgirl Injured when Bus hit Low Bridge

At the High Court a schoolgirl, who sustained injuries in a school bus accident, has settled her  action for €58,000.

Kelly Marie Jackson was injured when a bus she was travelling in crashed with a low bridge when she was on a school trip with her classmates. The accident occurred in Mulhuddart, Dublin on January 29, 2019, .

With an address at Briarwood Park, Blanchardstown, Dublin, 15-year-old Kelly Marie took the legal action seeking bus accident compensation via her mother Anne Davis against coach operator Eirebus Ltd in relation to  the accident that occurred at Shanty Bridge, Mulhuddart, Co Dublin.

During the hearing presiding Judge Justice Garrett Simons remarked that Kelly Marie had bit through her lip due to the impact involved in the accident. In the aftermath of the road traffic collision the young girl also experienced post-traumatic stress disorder. Thankfully she has ceased to suffer with this condition since that time. Liability was not contested in the legal action.

In an affidavit provided to the court, Ms Davis said that her then 14-year-old child was travelling as part of a school trip with her school, Blakestown Community School. She said that the bridge that the bus was attempting to drive under was at too low a height to allow the bus to pass through safely. Due to this when it collided with the bridge, the top of the bus was “cut off and opened backwards like the opening of a tin”. Ms Davis went on to say that her daughter later informed a doctor she was attending that a number of young children on the bus were screaming, just prior to the crash, to warn the driver that it looked like the bus would not fit beneath the bridge.

Following the bus crash Kelly Marie called her mother who rushed to the scene of the accident. From here she took her child to the hospital for medical attention. Ms Davies told the court that, as a result of the impact in the crash between the bus and the bridge, her daughter sustained soft tissue injuries in the area of her hip and shoulder. Additionally she had cut through her lip with her teeth when she was knocked forward in the collision. This cut has left Kelly Marie with a small scar to her lip.

Justice Simmons, as he was giving his approval to the bus accident compensation settlement, said that Kelly Marie has made a good recovery and that he was of the opinion that the agreed  settlement was a good one.