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Deceased Infant’s Family Awarded €35,000 Compensation

The Coombe Hospital has a history of settling compensation for birth injuries and death compensation over the years.

These include a 2013 settlement after it was ruled that dyskinetic cerebral palsy was caused to a baby being dealt with negligently during delivery, birth injuries compensation of €15m for a Donegal boy who sustained birth injures due to being deprived of oxygen during his birth and €65,000 hospital negligence compensation settlement in November 2009 due to a facial cut at birth  for another infant.

Now the unfortunate death of an infant i 2015 just hours after his birth as a result of medical negligence had lead to a the family being awarded compensation for birth death negligence against the Coombe Women and Infants University Hospital at the High Court.

The boys parents, Assumpta Sweeney and Jason Butler, along with his brothers and sisters were awarded €35,000 in the legal action that was heard at the High Court. Sadly, their son Rory Jason Sweeney Butler passed away shortly after his delivery on November 19 2015 at the Coombe Women and Infants University Hospital. it was claimed by the plaintiff’s that compensation was appropriate due to the negligence that led to the baby’s wrongful death. They told the court that they experienced nervous shock and trauma as a result of their little boy’s death.

Legally representing the family, Richard Kean SC, made it known to the Judge that the parents had to deal with a huge amount of suffering and in the aftermath of the “very tragic” death of their infant son Rory as a result of alleged hospital negligence. An admission of liability was agreed by the defendant in the personal injury compensation claim.

Judge Justice Eager approved the statutory compensation award for medical negligence. The overall amount of compensation will be handed over to the immediate family of the young boy who now reside in Dublin 12.