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Compensation Claims in Ireland Increase for Fifth Year Running

The latest annual report by the Injuries Board has revealed that the number of compensation claims in Ireland has increased for the fifth year running.  

In 2011, the Injuries Board received 27,669 applications for assessment compared to 26,964 in 2010 – an increase of 3 per cent in line with the trend seen in recent years. Of those applications, 9,834 (35 per cent) received assessments, with the remainder of the compensation claims in Ireland being resolved by negotiation or declined for assessment.

The total Compensation amounts in Ireland also appear to be increasing – with the total value of claims assessed by the Injuries Board rising to almost 210 million Euros.

In 2011, compensation claims in Ireland for injury at work fell to just 8.4 per cent of the applications for assessment made to the Injuries Board, while public liability compensation claims in Ireland remained steady at 15.1 per cent and claims for injuries sustained in road traffic accidents increased to 76.5 per cent. The Injuries Board does not assess compensation claims for medical negligence or those in which liability is disputed.