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Helicopter Injury Claim Results in Substantial Award of Compensation

A man in Hong Kong, who suffered substantial head injuries when his friend lost control of a model helicopter, has been awarded HK 8.8 million dollars (850,000 Euros) following a helicopter injury claim for compensation.

The High Court in Hong Kong heard that Law Kwok-Wah (48) had been watching his friend, Chan Man-Kin, fly the 6 kilogram helicopter at speeds of up to 90Km/hour at the Hong Kong Science Park in January 2008, when Chan lost control of the toy and it fell to the ground.

One of the 1.5 metre helicopter blades struck Law on the head and sliced away part of his skull. Law was immediately taken to hospital and underwent emergency brain surgery to save his life. Although Law made a significant recovery, he is now semi-paralysed and confined to a wheelchair.

Law made a personal injury claim against his friend, claiming that it was necessary as his family could not live solely on his wife´s income and, in the High Court of Hong Kong, three judges found in Law´s favour after Chan admitted being distracted while in charge of a model helicopter.

The judges awarded Law HK 8.8 million dollars in respect of his helicopter injury claim to account for the pain and suffering he had experienced, his loss of amenity and both present and future lost income.