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Insurance Company Compensation Tactics Condemned by Law Society

The Law Society of Northern Ireland has produced a report on “Third Party Capture” which condemns insurance company compensation tactics and calls for greater protection for victims of personal injury.

The report, which focuses on approaches made to a potential claimant by insurances companies after one of their clients has been responsible for causing a personal injury, identifies specific issues which the public should be aware of:-

  • Discouraging potential claimants from seeking a medical opinion
  • Discouraging potential claimants from seeking professional legal advice
  • Providing incorrect personal injury information to injured parties in respect of their legal rights
  • Pressurising potential claimants to make decisions about accepting an offer of compensation before they know the full consequences of their injuries

One positive result from insurance company compensation tactics is that many more claims are being resolved quicker, as the insurance companies have acknowledged their clients´ negligence and are more open to negotiating a settlement.

Nonetheless, the report warns against victims settling a personal injury compensation claim without first getting a medical opinion, and recommends that claimants should also seek professional legal advice from a qualified personal injury solicitor.


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